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Deepsky images

No telescope at all ... just a video camera

The images are rather old, and the image processing learned later has not been applied

Pleiades with video camera:

Hi8 camcorder , less than 20x optical zoom

DV camcorder , about 10x optical zoom , 64 frames stacked .

M42 - Orion´s Sword
I have made an image from 64 frames taken with the "Low LUX"  setting . The resulting image was then processed with level adjustment and contrast/brightness in Photoshop  .

PC1 DV camcorder , teleconverter x2 .The 2 cropped images show 2 extreme degrees of enhanced contrast , shown in false colour .

Compare this with the corresponding image made from a recording with the Hi8 "Nightshot" camera .

TRV77 Hi8 camcorder , 64 stacked images , contrast/brightness enhancement , despeckle function used .

NO TELESCOPE AT ALL used ! , just a camcorder on a tripod . This shows the potential of the consumer type camcorders with the "Nightshot" or "Low LUX" settings for recording deep sky .


Hereis a photo of M45 taken in Denmark some time ago .  Not a very good image, a better one will follow when it is taken

M45 Photo

Camera : Olympus OM-1 with 135mm Telelens , Polar mount tracked , but not guided
Some light pollution
Just to show that a lot better detail can be seen due to long photographic exposure (about 5 min)

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Last update 21 January 2006 by Jan Andersen.
Background image : Video image of the Pleiades
Top caption : Lunar Eclipse 21-01-2000