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Imaging with Integrating CCD

Note : I do not (yet) have an integrating CCD camera ....
Advantages :
Records extremely faint objects like nebulae . Can be used with short focal length lenses or telescopes to provide relatively wide field images .
Well suited for imaging most (not too extended) objects .

Disadvantages :
Most CCD cameras need a computer for download and storage of the images .
For all but the shortest exposure times guiding of the telescope is needed .
Small to moderate field of view .
Poor (turbulent) seeing will be highly detrimental to high resolution images .

Conclusion :
The integrating CCD camera is well suited for faint or very faint objects , due to its high efficiency in converting light into electronic current (images) , in combination with making long exposures .

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Last update 21 January 2006 by Jan Andersen.
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Top caption : Lunar Eclipse 21-01-2000