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Photographic Film Camera

Advantages :
Can be very compact and easy to bring into the field .
Provides for wide to very wide field images .
Easy operation , no batteries needed if the camera is fully mechanical .
Can be used for long exposures
Very high resolution images can be made .

Disadvantages :
Reciprocity faliure , i.e. the sensitivity of the film decreases with exposure time .
Chemicals or a photographic lab is needed for developing films , only then is the result known .
For small field images the poor (turbulent) seeing will be detrimental to high resolution images .

Conclusion :
Photographic film cameras are well suited for large fields like starfields , constellations (for very short focal lengths) ,extended objects as well as telescopic images .

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Last update 21 January 2006 by Jan Andersen.
Background image : Video image of the Pleiades
Top caption : Lunar Eclipse 21-01-2000